Monday, March 29, 2010

Traffic Software

Increase traffic from Mybloglog
If your website and blog are low in traffic and you need to drive much traffic to your website / blog, you have to follow this simple instruction to gain much traffic to your website /blog.
1. Sign up for mybloglog at
2. Submit all your website / blog to mybloglog
3. Make friend and send them message to visit your blog
4. Join community
5. Create your own community
6. Add your service like blogger, twitter, blog-catalog to mybloglog
making friend from mybloglog, care have to be taken not to make friend outside your area of understanding, because if you make friends of any community you will end up harvesting spamming email to you mail and that in turn will boost your mail with unwanted mails. Make friends you can learn more and acquire some knowledge from that community. The best use of mybloglog is to get more follow-up and sign-up for you blog and website.
Beside that you also need much traffic from mybloglog. mybloglog is a free service for all and you have to make friend ranging from 1000 – 4000 or even more if you like to get more traffic to your site. Create your own community of your interest and invite your mybloglog friends to join your community. Write nice and interesting message to all your friends adding your website and blog to the message for them to access to drive in more traffic. The hard part of your work is when your friends also send you message to your mail to access and read.
This case driven in traffic to your website/blog become more tedious and sometime let you thinking of forgetting the whole process of finding traffic to your site and even thinking about doing another online business. Most spammers like this part a lot.

They can get your real email for spamming your mail. If you are new to spamming you will fall into there are trip. Anyway, these are businesses online like yours and theirs. Another best part of been a member of mybloglog is to get backlink back to your website / blog. Any site that you add to mybloglog will be also index in the search engine in your profile name. In these cases you will get banklink from visitor who does name search or nickname search. Last tip reply message to your entire message from friends. These will increase much traffic to your website/blog.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

marketing email software

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a good very to flourish in your online marketing. With email marketing you have to start with some few basic ways of sending email of your site and product that you advertise to various clients mails.
It is somehow difficult at the beginning but as you understand the whole thing it become easily to do it correctly. First you have to assign your sites to your signature box on your email service that you use.
Find friends email, you can start with a few email list up to 10-20 email. Send to them a short content related to you site. You should also add a nice title to your email so that when they see your mail among others they will view your mail and probably visit your site and learn more from there.
Some people do email marketing for spamming, as some do it for marketing the real stuff. The real email marketers usually use banner and template and other to attract they’re target to get what they want from them.
Using banners to get more visitors to your site is one of the best ways to make a good living out of affiliate and plr marketing nowadays. One easy example is that you have to understand the concept of email marketing first, before moving forward. Open you mail, click on compose new, when the compose page opens you will see three fill in boxes to fill in.
The first is the place you put in your email, the second is the place where you have to find a good keyword that will let the owner of that email opens your mail among other to watch what is in your mail that your keyword niche let him or her to, the third is to fill in your content.
Your content have to be a very good one that will let your client fill happy to read it again and again. Because when you write good content you will definitely have that client show your site to other friend to read. These ways it will increase your traffic and your click through rate.
When you have really understood the basic ways of email marketing then you have to start with your big boom level. The next stage is to get email software to do the hard part of email marketing for you. There are many email software there to be found. You have to do keyword search from Google and find the best one for your work as an online email marketer.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



As you create an rss feed to your website or web log you can essentially syndicate your website or web log, much like television shows syndicate their content.

The full meaning of rss feed stand for "rich site summary". Rss is a way to stream up to the minute news and updates on your blog around the world via the internet. Readers of rss streams, use a content reader program called a feed reader or aggregator.

the feed reader, or aggregator, checks websites where the user has subscribed to see if there is any new and updated information and if the site has been updated then the feed reader will copy that new information so that the reader can read it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Rewrite Article
You can rewrite article with MoreNiche articles with other affiliates. This can be within a couple of minute and will never take much of your time. The first thing you have to know is related content. Related content is all material that is related to the topic of your website.

If you have a website /web log the related content will be the image, news, articles, video, music and others. You can pick some of this content for your website/web log. You can mix it up and not to rewrite everything the same way it was. For an example: when the related content is about “learn piano”.

The image should not be the same, as you can have more images from more various places on the internet. There should be changes to you image and also to other related content. The content that you rewrite is not going to be the same as seen on the original article.

You can use the first paragraph and the last paragraph or you can use the mixed up style to complete your article in no time. These is helpful because not all the time you will have to write your own article, as you like to increase more of traffic to your site and have more better placement in the search engine ranking.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

articles marketing

Article marketing
Article marketing is the way you express yourself. What you need to know is that the more meaningful your article is, the more traffic flow to your website or web log. Article is the first source of income in doing home business. Whole thing about article market is to find a good keyword niche, write a knowledgeable article, which can drive in more visitors. you have to submit your site to many traffic generate site.